WIP RCA 2021- Online Exhibition

Our lives are rapidly flattening as our interface to the external world reduces to the confinement of a flat 2-D screen. As the screen works to exclude our bodies, we seem to regress to a world in which bodies are superfluous. As our spatial world flattens and the need for bodies dwindles, so too with every new mutation, our temporal world is compressed and pulverised. Continually readapting to an ever-shrinking future time frame our futures dissolve into an ever-present. In such a catastrophic world, the mind and body’s unity is cast aside, subtended by the cold, rational scientific gaze and techno-capitalism logic.

Thinking of the baroque as an idea that prioritises the haptic sideways glance, we are thrown back into the body’s material world. Through the lens of entropy and the baroque, we are located, in a transformative garden in which mind and body are reunited, fused within the crystallising glance of the mirror.