Artist Statement

My practice often revolves around the tension between 2-D ‘confinement’ and 3-D spatiality. Using soft materials, such as fabric, paper and latex these ideas become actualized in performative acts which transform the work from 2-D to 3-D and back. My process often begins with an exploration of physical materials and their temporal properties, such as latex and stone. Recently, I have focused on ideas of different scales of temporality. On the one hand, entropy measures disorder and the inevitable decay of things through time, while on the other hand, the mirror acts to create timeless encounters. 

 I am particularly interested in the idea of the baroque and how it might be considered a speculative concept which refuses to conform to notions of containment. My recent work draws on the Leibnizian idea of the baroque monad which exists neither in time nor space, yet each contains the whole world.  Deleuze offers an allegory in which the monad has two inseparable floors in harmony. The upper floor contains the soul and the lower floor of the body. Each monad is closed and cannot influence another. 


Patrick Jones (b.1964, UK)  lives and works in London, UK. He recently graduated in 2020 from Royal College Art with a graduate diploma in fine art. Patrick has worked as an analytical researcher for many years having graduated from University College, London with both a PhD (Theoretical Particle Physics,1990)  and BSc (Chemical Physics, 1986).

2020 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art , London ,GB

Group Exhibitions

2020, Perspectives, Putney Art College, London GB

2019, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Menier Gallery, London

2018, Summer Foundation Show, Slade School Art, University College London, GB