Dark Mist

Dark Mist, I-IV , acrylic, print, staples  on canvas,  125x50cm, mild steel , reinforce rebar 80 x  16 x 194cm

In the work Dark Mist, endless folds of a canvas form a dark ground. A landscape through which light emerges. Black pigment printed on the monotone landscape is shattered so that, as with Caravaggio chiaroscuro the ground becomes an ‘indefinite colour’. For the baroque philosophy Leibniz, the soul, referred to as a monad, received individual precepts of information through tiny interstice light that emerged through the darkness. In this sense the hexagonal interior marked out by dark mist can be seen as the interior of the mind and its material sediments  

On another level, Dark Mist resists framing and occupies the space between 2d and 3d. To form, in true Baroque style, a relief that refuses to conform to the constraint of an architectural framing, rather seeking the tension that lies between the 2d and 3d. Hanging in reverse from rusting rebar, embedded in waves of salt the four works mark out a decaying world or mind.