Wet and Dry

Quantum Fluctuation, jesmonite tiles each 24.5cm diameter x 2cm.

Time Capsule I and II, gold plated bronze , 24.5cm diameter

Naive, plaster and plastic bag

Taking up the land artist Robert Smithson’s rebuke of minimalism and his call for artists to explore wet and dry rather than hot and cool art the repeated Wave of Quantum Fluctuations, formed of Tuchet-like jesmonite tiles, creates endless waves. Waves that reflect on the ceaseless quantum fluctuations of the world.

Time Capsule1 is a gold plate bronze cast of a path through an endless hexagonal landscape. Surrounded by encroaching desert-like drifts of salt and sand, reflecting on environmental decay and the disappearance of the wet landscapes, the gold timelike capsule litters the landscape marking eternal memories of a once-thriving world.