Local Detail

Local Details is located in the garden of a domestic residence and at once seeks to re-establish the existence of the body and its materiality. Three canvases repeatedly folded and solidified with paint hang to form temporary baroque reliefs on a garden fence. A ritualistically assembled patchwork of cheesecloth drench in white pigment laden latex marks the site of an inside out white space. Beyond this domestic world, a silent violent storm rages, which threatens the body’s very existence. Time frame acts as a machine which freezes time, captures momentary glimpses and doubles the body. The three canvases now stapled together form elemental, a substance which slowly approaches time frame. As elemental stands within time frame, an infinity of reflections instantly activates a rapport between the dark interior of the soul and elemental’s exterior body. Simultaneously, the mirror transports the monad to a location neither in time nor space in which unity of the body and the mind are re-established.